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School Infrastructure

School Infrastructure


The school has a well equipped computerized library with books meant for all age groups. Students are given a library period each week in order to inculcate reading habits among them. The library is open during the working hours and the students are given the opportunity to avail the books.

Computer Labs

The importance of technology can't be overstated in the world today. With the latest gadgets and software springing by the day, if one is not upbeat with it, its fairly easy to lose track. Though technology coupled in education is an empowering tool. we have 2 computer labs one for the Orchid section class Pre-Nur. To IInd one for classes III - XII. With the latest gadgets and software's spurning by the day, if one is not up heat with it, its fairly easy to loose track.


This is undoubtedly the age of computer information and technology. Computer Education has become inevitable to keep pace with the fast changing society. Computerization has become a global phenomenon. The world is leaping into new vistas of progress and development with the application of Computer Technology. Considering this reality, we impart computer education from Class II and provide them with well equipped lab facilities. The school also has well equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology to meet the requirements of students preparing for ISC –XII examinations. Smart class Rooms

Each classroom is equipped with interactive white boards & projector screens. Students will be able to learn difficult and abstract curriculum concepts watching highly engaging visuals and animations. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students while improving their overall academic performance in school. The teachers will be using a digital format to prepare lessons and Interactive Whiteboards will be utilized to conduct lessons in the classroom. Dynasty International School has left no stone unturned to integrate technology in the learning spectrum so as to give unbridled advantage to our students.


We have an A/C auditorium with a sitting capacity of maximum people, where theme assemblies, functions and gatherings are held to enrich the Dynastians with space for creativity and confidence. It has built-in podium for the students to perform various creative performances and deliver speeches to the audience. It creates young minds to built up experiences towards a greater platform so as to being an impact to the outside world.


The school is well guarded round-the-clock by security guards not only at the entry gate but also over the entire campus. Security guards are also provided by the school whenever students go out on excursions, etc. For quick action in the case of emergency, the guards are equipped with radio transistors.

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