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Examination and Evalution

Examinations / Evaluations For Higher Classes

  • Term Evaluations/Formative Assessments will be held during the scholastic year.
  • No leave is normally sanctioned during the Term and Formative assessments. Application for medical leave should be duly supported by a medical certificate from a Registered M.B.B.S. doctor.
  • The Medical Certificate should be submitted before the completion of the Evaluation/Examination so that appropriate entries may be made in the school records.
  • Any leave applied for and taken during the Evaluations/Examination will be at the risk of the parents and their wards and will not be taken into consideration in determining promotion. Evaluations/examination need not be as anticipated nor shall be postponed for individual students.
  • The Evaluation/ Examination dates will be available in the diary/schedule provided.
  • Students will be disqualified/debarred from the examination if they are found possessing books, copies, chits or other unfair means or if they are detected giving or obtaining any unfair assistance in the examination hall.
  • On Evaluations/examination days, no servant, parents guardian is permitted to enter the Examination/Evaluations Hall/ room on any excuse. Examinees will not be permitted to leave the classes until the answer paper is submitted to the Staff invigilator.
  • The evaluated answer scripts and documents of other works done by the pupil during the assessment shall be within the domestic jurisdiction of the school and therefore no outside person or authority has any jurisdiction to check or scrutinise such answer scripts or documents of such other works done by pupil. If in the opinion of Principal and the class teacher the results are significantly below the performance of the student otherwise, then the accuracy of the marks awarded may be checked by a teacher appointed by the principal subject to not more than two subjects on payment of a fees of Rs.100/-The result of the scrutiny will be intimated to the applicant thereafter.
  • Internal rechecks, totaling of the marks etc. are carried out strictly under a standardised scheme of procedures before reports / results are published and hence no answer scripts or other documents shall be shown to parents.
  • In otherwords the decision taken by the School shall be final and binding on all.

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