School Library

  • » The Library is being progressively stocked with suitable and up-to-date books to provide further healthy reading.
  • » Students will be issued books for reading during their library periods, and the same must be returned before leaving the library.
  • » No books will be allowed to be taken home without the permission of the librarian. In such cases the books will be issued for one week. Books should be returned in time. A fine of Re. 10/-per day will be charged for defaulters.
  • » For books issued against a student's name, full cost will be realised for the loss of the book, or in case of disfigurement, scratching, scribbling, drawing or tearing the student may be asked to replace the book, or pay for damages.
  • » Students should make use of library books, but misuse will result in loss or right to get books from the library.

School Laboratories

  • » Laboratory equipment is expensive and so must be carefully handled. When equipment is given out to students for experiments, it must be returned to the teacher in-charge before leaving the Laboratory.
  • » No Laboratory items may be removed without the express permission of the in-charge.
  • » In case of loss discovered but not owned up, for wilful breakages or serious damages individual students or groups will have to make good the expense of repairs or replacement. No chemicals may be taken out of the Laboratory.
  • » Students should enrich the laboratory with their own keen interest and donate useful items of their experiments to be kept in the Laboratory.
  • » Caution Money : Claims for refund of caution money shall be made within three months of leaving the school by surrendering the original receipt. No claim for the refund of caution money will be entertained without original receipt or brought into after three months of leaving the school.