Promotion Rules

  • » Students of classes I to V are generally promoted a to their next classes. However they may be detained for lack of required attendance and for other valid reasons.
  • » Students of VI-VIII, must have an average of D grade of the annual aggregate is needed for promotion.
  • » Promotion form class IX – X As per C.B.S.E.:-
    1. Every students is required to get a qualifying grade D or above in all the the subjects excluding 6th additional subject as per scheme of study.
    2. A student getting E1 or E2 grade in scholastic areas n one or more subjects will have to improve his/her performance in ONE SUBSEQUENT ATTEMPT to obtain qualifying grade D in these subjects.
    3. If a student fails to obtain qualifying grade D in one or more subjects, even after adding grade points from co-scholastic areas and after availing one improvement chance, he/she will be required to repeat the same class during next academic year.
    4. It is mandatory to appear in both Summative Assessment during the academic year.
    5. Students would have to obtain at least 25% marks in the Summative Assessments ( both the SA-1 and SA-2 taken together) to be eligible to qualify the examination i.e. at least 15 marks out of 60 marks and total 33% in each five subjects of scholastic areas as per the present practice.
  • » Promotion to Class XII will be governed by the criteria laid down for the CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION OF C.B.S.E.